Salvaging the Engine Company 12 Project

Neighbors will gather in the coming weeks to launch a steering committee for evaluating the terms of the City Council’s deal with those running the Engine Company 12 project — which appears to be once again in trouble.

Since both the building’s construction executive and project proprietor have gotten in bad with the city in the Shaw’s Tavern liquor license debacle and an alleged similar incident at the firehouse itself, onlookers are calling this latest try at converting the space into a restaurant another failure.

The Advisory Neighborhood Commission for 5C03 posponed a meeting set for St. Patrick’s Day to collect demand-data from the community and produce a set of advisory recommendations on the optimal use of the firehouse property, which is located at the intersection of North Capitol Street and Quincy Place. A new meeting date will be chosen once the commission has gotten ahold of the city’s main document for the project.

The relationship between the project’s heads and local neighborhood groups has been rocky from the get-go. Last spring, General Manager Steven May released an “open letter” stating that, “Due to the lack of open support from community leaders and local civic associations, it has become necessary to delay the opening of Engine Company 12 from July 1, 2011 to Sept 1, 2011.”

As we know, the project blew past the delayed completion date and the interior is still largely in shambles. Here’s a photo just taken of the first floor:


One thought on “Salvaging the Engine Company 12 Project

  1. While the rest of the neighborhood has made tremendous progress this piece of property granted by the city for a very cheap amount has sat vacant. Two years ago I would of suggested the city give the developer a year to make progress or take it back. But after false start dates and then open letters blaming us for “lack of support” I have zero faith in their ability to do anything with it. Nor do I buy they’re insistence they’ve sunk over a half million into it.

    Take it back & give it to somebody else.

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