Passing the Torch

For the last four years, this blog has been run by a guy named Jay. With a new job awaiting in Florida, he and his family put their house up for sale this Spring, and he posted the following:

“I hope it finds new owners who love the house, but more importantly, the neighborhood, as much as we did. Not suggesting they have to take over this blog, but they at least will have to put my spare Eckington bumper sticker on their car.”

Two days later, we walked into the house that’s now our home, and by that evening the ink was dry on the deal. So Jay’s house is now our house. And for now, we’ve got a sticker-free bumper. But we love our house, we love the neighborhood and we love this blog.

Here’s to Jay— for four years, 105 posts and nearly 20,000 views.


One thought on “Passing the Torch

  1. If you charted the frequency of posts per month over the 4 year period, I’m guessing you would see it tail off dramatically once my second child was born….

    I’m glad to see a real writer take over the blog. I really do miss the ‘hood–so, to help me get over this sadness, you could add a weather widget to the blog that would let me know what it’s like in D.C. as I read your posts from South Florida.

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