Eckington – “Best Old House Neighborhoods 2011”

“This Old House”, the home improvement magazine and television show that has been broadcast on PBS since 1979, has named Eckington one of the “Best Old House Neighborhoods 2011” for the Northeast.

Originally the province of powerful Victorian-era politicians and business owners, Eckington later became a stronghold of D.C.’s African-American middle class. These days, it’s a magnet for anyone looking to eschew the Beltway ‘burbs and find fixer-uppers and freshly renovated homes in a cool, urban spot just a 10-minute drive from Capitol Hill.

Why Buy Here?

Government offices have opened around the five-year-old Florida Ave/New York Ave metro stop that’s just a stone’s throw from Eckington. Newly opened restaurants and clubs near the revitalized Atlas District give residents plenty of entertainment options, too. “It’s being discovered as an affordable place to buy a house in D.C.,” adds local Realtor Michelle Buckman, “and there’s a lot of renovating going on.”



3 thoughts on “Eckington – “Best Old House Neighborhoods 2011”

  1. Too bad TOH didn’t have this opinion ten years ago – maybe it would have featured more DC renovations!

    I looked in vain for various types of advice before I finally realized that some of the methods used to build these houses have been forgotten over time (or maybe were unusual, even from a historical perspective). I got so tired of explaining, “There IS no sub-floor!”

    At least I did finally discover what the space between the top floor ceiling and the roof is called, and no, it’s not a “mini-attic” or “attic-ette”. It’s called a “cockloft”. I can only theorize that this referred to the place where roosters used for cockfighting [sigh/ugh] were traditionally kept.

    Only someone as obsessive as me would’ve found this. It was in an online document that detailed old DC fire codes.

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