Capital Bikeshare comes to Eckington

Tomorrow, D.C. and Arlington will launch the largest “bikeshare” program in the U.S. with over 1,100 bikes and 114 stations.

As I tweeted Friday, one close location (with 15 docks) is at Constitution Square in front of the upcoming Harris Teeter–the corner of M and 1st Streets NE.

According to the Capital Bikeshare station map, Eckington will get its own station in front of the XM building on Eckington Place near the intersection of Harry Thomas Way.

UPDATE 9/20 – The website has a map of planned October installations of new stations.  There are indeed 2 in Eckington:  @ the XM building and @ Big Bear Cafe.

Visit the website for pricing information, but essentially, you first become a member and then pay fees based on your usage:

Membership Fee
One Day (24 hrs) $5
30 Day $25
Annual $75
$50 special introductory offer!
Usage Fees
0-30 minutes FREE
31-60 minutes +$1.50
61-90 minutes +$3.00
Each additional 30 minutes +$6.00

This service is meant as a transit–Point A to Point B–option.  You grab a bike, ride to another Bikeshare Station and park it.

For example, let’s say you want to grab Chipotle at Union Station.  If you have a Capital Bikeshare membership, you can grab a bike at the Eckington station, ride 6 minutes to the Union Station Bikeshare Station and park it, get your burrito, grab a bike from the same station and ride back to the Eckington station and park it.  This trip would not incur any usage fees.

30 minutes is a sufficient amount of time to get to almost anywhere in the District from our neighborhood–this is a great add to the city and Eckington.


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