Final traffic pattern for “Dave Thomas Circle” explained

Over the weekend, the new traffic lights along the “virtual traffic circle” (aka. “Dave Thomas Circle”) were activated.  Thus, the final traffic pattern of the circle is live.  Although DDOT has yet to publish the new pattern on its site, I have drawn the two routes into Eckington that are now possible:

  1. Eastbound New York Avenue (which allows one to return home from I-395 without having to turn onto M Street and North Capitol Street)
  2. Northbound 1st Street NE.
Dave Thomas Circle

Final traffic pattern for "Dave Thomas Circle"


  • The green traffic light at the O Street  “turnaround” (to access westbound Florida Avenue) is currently only 5 seconds.
  • From eastbound New York Avenue, approach the “circle” in the right-most lane.  Upon yielding right onto O Street, shift to the left lane in order to turn north and await the traffic light.
  • The success of this route–like all routes along the virtual traffic circle–depends on drivers not blocking intersections.
  • Final paving/lane painting is supposed to begin this evening.

2 thoughts on “Final traffic pattern for “Dave Thomas Circle” explained

  1. I’d hate to be a pedestrian trying to get from Wendy’s towards Five Guys now that there is apparently a way to turn left onto Florida Avenue westbound. Also, that left turn at O Street onto Florida Ave Westbound so that we can get into Eckington from NY Ave is almost directly into a light, so if there is any line on Florida Avenue, then it is very difficult. Maybe the lights are timed so that I’ll be taking a left and there’s no line. I’ll give it a shot. Thanks for the useful info.

  2. i actually did this exact pattern this am- about 8:30 (coming home from dr at 1st and K) it totally worked!!

    Little by little the “circle” seems to be getting better.

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