Metropolitan Branch Trail – notes about final design

The Metropolitan Branch Trail section from Brookland to Edgewood to Eckington to NoMa is almost complete–substantial completion is due by April 30th.

First layer of asphalt was placed on the Trail section south of R Street a few days ago–the second and final layer will be placed this Monday, April 19th (users of the Trail take note). the end of the week of April 19th-23 or the following week.  The formwork for the concrete cap on the retaining wall north of T Street is almost finished–the concrete will then be poured and the Trail can be paved soon afterward.

Today, I talked with the external inspector of the project and learned some tidbits about the final design:

  • There will be no fence south of R Street due to property issues with Pepco–this means, however, that people will be able to access the Trail along the northern edge of the Pepco building (as long as the fence along Harry Thomas Way remains torn down).
  • DDOT has determined that they will leave the current opening in the fence east of the shopping center to allow people to continue the dangerous practice of crossing the train tracks to and from the Rhodes Island Avenue Metrorail station.  This will be closed when the pedestrian bridge is built next year.
  • Striping of the Trail will most likely include dedicated bike lanes
  • An emergency callbox and one or two more solar light posts will be installed on the Trail just south of the New York Avenue bridge
  • Most work, including the street entrances to the Trail, will be completed by April 30th and the Trail will be “officially” open to the public

5 thoughts on “Metropolitan Branch Trail – notes about final design

  1. Is there any discussion of extending the MBT south – one whole block – to K St? It could bridge over the Greyhound station parking lot, then ramp down to K St if a WMATA substation could be moved a little.

    This would extend the trail into the busiest part of 1st St NE, and for bikes it would effectively extend the trail from M st to K St, if the extension ramped down to K St.

    • The developer of the two properties on either side of K Street & 1st St (along the train tracks) has proposed extending the Trail north from Union Station to their developments–but it wasn’t clear how serious they were or if they were proposing to pay for it. This would still leave the gap from the north side of L Street up to the corner of K.

      • This is the developer of the SE corner (building up) and the NE corner (parking lot)? Or SE and SW?

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