Costco coming to NE Washington

This has been in the rumor mill for some time, but today, Mayor Fenty will be having a press conference to announce that Costco will be opening its first store in the District.  The press conference is to be at Fort Lincoln Drive NE and 33 Place NE, just off of South Dakota Avenue–the presumed location of the store.

Once opened, Eckingtonians will be 6-7 minutes away from the Costco–perfect for those already addicted as well as the new diaper-needing new parents who keep moving here.

View Map & Directions


One thought on “Costco coming to NE Washington

  1. I was trying to see in your google map where it would be and was worried it would take away that park. It’s actually at 33rd & Fort Lincoln Dr NE so it’s a bit down the road from where the map directions take you.

    Still will be great to have this just up the road. I imagine we’re still 3 years away from any opening.


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