Metropolitan Branch Trail Update – Pedestrian bridge and other work

WMATA has approved DDOT’s planned design of the pedestrian bridge that will connect the Metropolitan Branch Trail with the Rhode Island Ave./Brentwood Metro station.  Completion of the bridge is slated for fall 2011.

The real question is what happens when the Trail’s fence is installed in the next month or so, preventing people from crossing the railroad tracks on their way to and fro the Metro station.

In other Trail update news, feverish work continues as it appears FMCC will have to complete the majority of work by the April 30th deadline.  Yesterday, solar light posts were installed on the section of Trail south of R Street, while final grading continued on the same section.  Steel pilings and retaining wall work continued on the section north of T Street.  Several more trees were planted, along with numerous bush plants, at the S Street entrance.

The Metropolitan Branch Trail project page on the DDOT website has been modified.  It appears that while the final completion date has been bumped back to June 22, the majority of the Trail work–including the remaining asphalt paving–will be completed by April 30th.  The work scheduled for completion after this date should not interfere with the full use of the Trail.


3 thoughts on “Metropolitan Branch Trail Update – Pedestrian bridge and other work

  1. This is great news! I was wondering where the bridge would go and how soon it would come as I walked the trail earlier this week. I do wonder what will happen as the fence goes up since so many people do walk over the tracks rather than go down to Rhode Island Ave and walk up the ramp.

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