Metropolitan Branch Trail Update – Spring 2010?

The ongoing construction delays of the Metropolitan Branch Trail has pushed back the latest completion date another month—May 30, 2010.  DDOT has suggested that the Trail may open for use before completion, however.

DDOT has developed a new website which includes better tracking, by the public, of its ongoing projects.  Here is the project page for the MBT:

The site provides a breakdown of the various construction activities and their percent completion, estimated completion date, days overdue—accuracy of such appears to be questionable, however.  At the bottom of the page is a chart comparing the actual vs planned budget.  In the right-hand column under the heading “Project Documents,”  one can find the construction manager’s “Weekly Status Reports” (last update is dated February 15 and covers the end of January).

Surveying the work earlier this week, I can report that the steel pilings have been coated and are being driven into the ground on the small section just north of T Street.  This is necessary to raise the ground level of the Trail for the section.  The section south of R Street appears to be graded and the drainage ditch has been dug.  The aggregate base needs to be applied to both of these sections and then they can be paved.

A lot of work still needs to be done in addition to the above mentioned—fencing north of T Street and south of R Street, landscaping (some trees have been planted north of Rhodes Island Avenue), cleanup of the section under the NY Ave bridge.


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