Eckington Igloo

Eckington Igloo

A group of Eckingtonians started constructing an igloo around 1 pm yesterday and did not finish until after dark. As pictured above, other residents appreciate the hard work.

Below, one of the builders, Will, rests after adding some fresh snow to the roof.

Go see it for yourself, at the northeast corner of the field, along Harry Thomas Way.


2 thoughts on “Eckington Igloo

  1. Posting on this particular page might be a little off-topic, but I couldn’t find your email on the blog and I thought this was something you might be interested in. is a web site where citizens anywhere in the US can view and report non-emergency issues (e.g. potholes, broken streetlights, graffiti etc.) and tag their exact location using a Google Maps application. After the issue has been reported, notification is sent to the municipal authorities who are responsible for addressing citizens’ concerns. In addition to reporting issues, users can view issues that have been raised by others in the community and opt in to receive notifications about new issues as they are raised. Of course, something like this depends on people in the area actually using it, and even though SeeClickFix is catching on in DC we’ve heard from a concerned citizen in Eckington that most of the avenues we’ve used to promote it so far haven’t effectively reached your neighborhood.

    You can check out the community page for Eckington at You can also generate a map or text widget for your site that shows and updates the issues reported in your area. If its something that you’re interested in, I think exploring it and talking about it on your blog can be a good first step towards getting people in your neighborhood involved.

    ~Elliot from the Seeclickfix team

  2. Not to be a total Debbie Downer; but I predict this place will be ransacked by Mckinley kids on their first day back at school. Hopefully, I’m wrong.

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