4th of July in Eckington

4th of July in Eckington

4th of July in Eckington

A little belated, but I did want to share with the outside world how many Eckingtonians watch the 4th of IMG_3981July fireworks each year.

IMG_3991The hilltop location of Eckington already provides rooftop viewing of the Washington Monument.  However, it is always more fun to watch (and listen to) fireworks with a crowd, so many head up to even higher ground at McKinley High School.  Sitting in the newly renovated football stadium, we have an excellent view (and listening location) of the fireworks on the National Mall (note the Washington Monument to the left of the fireworks).  We have good crowds that fairly represent the diversity of our neighborhood.IMG_3993

There were plenty of “pre-game” fireworks to entertain the patiently-waiting kids.  We also had our first streaker (albeit, all the way on the far end of the field).

Look forward to even bigger crowds in the years to come.


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