Metropolitan Branch Trail – update on missing access path

DDOT has responded to my further inquiry about the missing access path:

“There has been no change to that planned connection at ‘Q’ street,  but it is not in the ongoing construction contract because we do not yet control that land.  I believe the developer was going to provide the land but they have yet to buy the whole parcel from PEPCO.  We will talk to PEPCO again about how to make that connection in the meantime.”

I can understand the situation DDOT was in at time of contract letting offered limited recourse. I do think the public should have been informed of the change. And I certainly think DDOT should have been more proactive with Pepco about still securing this path (which is over vacant property) before we had to raise it to their attention.

That being said, I am slightly encouraged by the tone of this response and, again, will keep you updated on their progress.

At least we now have a promised action (DDOT contacting Pepco) that will happen and a reaction (Pepco’s response) that will have to result–we will no longer be in the dark about where the roadblock exists and will know where to direct pressure if needed.


4 thoughts on “Metropolitan Branch Trail – update on missing access path

  1. Good to know that the connection is still in the works. In the meantime, I have been using the “connection” to Harry Thomas drive almost every day. it gives me a chance to get in about 200 yards of single track on my commute! The homeless people under the bridge have been quite polite to me when they have been there, too.

  2. Thank you for keeping after this. I ‘found’ the trail several weeks ago when I noticed the stairs by Au Bon Pain outside the metro station. When I saw that the trail ended in the homeless area, I turned around and left. When people said that the homeless were not a problem, I gave it a shot and I have been using the trail to get to the metro station. It is so much better than dealing with the NY and FL Ave traffic. It would be great if we could get the connection to Harry Thomas Way made more formal so that we don’t have to feel bad about walking through the broken fence and the weeds. That one entry point would go such a long way to making this a real trail to the metro station and I think that would be a huge plus. Once again, thanks for keeping after this.

  3. vincent orange, our former ward 5 council member, is the point person for pepco regarding public relations. this is where he should be stepping up, given what should be his more intimate knowledge of the area.

    eleanor holmes norton has said time and time again that she was on pepco’s case about this. it doesn’t appear that she has accomplished her goal here yet.

  4. I wrote to the MBT site regarding the path and here is what I got back. This sounds promising to me. At least they claim that it iwll be done this summer.

    “Thank you for your interest in the Metropolitan Branch Trail. The section from New York to Florida is still scheduled to be completed by the end of the summer and we are finishing up final design and have started clearing and grubbing (beginning from north to south).”

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