Subway restaurant – opening soon

Sign is up, and their website confirms it–someone is opening a Subway franchise near the corner of Florida Ave and North Capitol St NW (just next to the corner liquor store–convenient for those who like hard liquor with their sandwich):

1540 North Capitol Street NW
Washington DC 20002


10 thoughts on “Subway restaurant – opening soon

  1. is that the building with the formstone on it’s upper levels? interesting to see that a national chain is feeling good enough about north cap to plop down in the neighborhood.

  2. IMGoph, yup, that’s the one. The heavy duty sign was up already on the way to work this morning with some construction folks milling about.

  3. I doubt I’ll ever eat there because Subway is pretty run-of-the-mill fast food, but its good to see someone get financing to do something in our neighborhood.

  4. Now I can run a gauntlet of day-long loiterers at the triangle park (north cap and fl ave) in order to get my subway sandwich, served to me by surly dc natives who had to be hired by law in order for that franchise to open in the first place. I love DC!

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