Luciana Cafe – daily specials

Chicken Tacos

Chicken Tacos

Luciana Cafe, our pollo a la brasa provider in the ‘hood, has daily specials one can order for lunch or dinner–each only around $5.  The tacos (pictured above) are incredible–the fluffy, rolled shell (Frank says they are technically tacos sonora) being the best part–and the quesadillas are perfect meal-size. I have yet to try the other specials, but welcome any comments from those that have.

Taco salad (chicken)

Chicken tacos (3 + rice & red beans)

Chicken and cheese quesadilla

Chimichanga (chicken)

Penne pasta w/ chicken and veggies

11:00 – 10pm Monday – Friday
until 9pm on Saturday

Phone: 202-234-7040

Credit cards accepted. Free delivery.
Directions: map.


4 thoughts on “Luciana Cafe – daily specials

  1. I went here for the first time last night based on this post and although they were out of the tacos, the chicken I got was very yummy!

  2. Sorry. I may have even taken the last ones. In future, you can always call ahead, and Frank will have your order ready when you arrive (which can be a major time-savor for such items as the tacos).

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