Eckington – branding with bumper stickers

As I have previously touched upon, a neighborhood can benefit greatly from effective “branding”.  Sometimes, a good tongue-in-cheek campaign can serve the dual purpose of uniting residents with such self-deprecating humor as well as getting the name of the product (in this case, a neighborhood) into the public consciousness.

I am thinking a series of bumper stickers–residents choosing which one, or ones, to display proudly on his/her car.  Here are a few that I thought of just today, and I would like feedback or your own suggested tag lines in the comments section.

bumper-crime1 bumper-dupont1
bumper-xm bumper-spotsylvania1
bumper-july4th bumper-trashcan

One could simply order the stickers for $5 each ($8 for 2, etc.) directly online, but it would be nice if a local retail shop could purchase some in bulk and sell at their cash register [note: none of these stickers or money goes through me].  I’m including a poll, with which I can perhaps use to persuade such store(s) to do so.  Please register your vote!


7 thoughts on “Eckington – branding with bumper stickers

  1. I love them all – especially the XM one, as my husband was laid off from XM during the “merger.” Are these available anywhere? I’ll put them on my car!

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