New York-Florida Ave Intersection – 2009?

According to DDOT’s Fiscal Year 2010 Transportation Improvement Plan, released on April 1, the intersection of New York and Florida Avenues is still slated for $5,450,000 of construction in the current fiscal year (which ends September 30, 2009).

One would assume this is some version of the “near-term” solution for the intersection–as identified by the 2006 report by the National Capital Planning Commission (link updated)–the relatively high cost suggesting some streetscape improvements perhaps.

Virtual Traffic Circle

Virtual Traffic Circle

Note: this really does not do much for us Eckingtonians–save for marginally friendlier pedestrian access (albeit, perhaps at the cost of having to wait for more crossing signals) to the Metro and a way to drive to Eckington Place if coming north on 1st St NE (instead of cutting into the Wendy’s).


6 thoughts on “New York-Florida Ave Intersection – 2009?

  1. I wonder why they cant’ use some of that $6 million for that intersection and buy that wendys and make it a park or something.

  2. Hey! Lay off the MethaDonalds! Ex-junkies gotta eat, too. And where are they supposed to sell their methadone dosage? Because Heidi’s isn’t open that early, and junkies hate mussels. It gives them plop-plops.

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