Heidi’s Brooklyn Deli and Sisters Pizza & Mussels – OPEN

UPDATE – please visit “Restaurant” section for up-to-date menu, phone and prices.

Heidi’s Brooklyn Deli and Sisters Pizza & Mussels are officially open.  They are still working on the hours, but they anticipate 6 am – 9 pm Monday-Friday and 7 am – 6 pm (or maybe later) Saturday-Sunday.  Hot breakfasts will not commence until next week, so the morning hours may be on hold until then.  Delivery is free with $15 minimum (which should be reached with 2 people).

The staff is very friendly and energetic–case in point:  there were at least 4 individuals behind the counter that I could have pegged for being the owner.

This is also, by far, the most expensive menu fare in our neighborhood to date.  The other Heidi’s in D.C. is downtown and the boldness of this experimentation in an untested area by the franchise owner should not be diminished.

They also mentioned interest in a Sunday brunch.

Phone:  202-682-3354


5 thoughts on “Heidi’s Brooklyn Deli and Sisters Pizza & Mussels – OPEN

  1. Sounds good. I’ll try this place out sometime in the future when I have a chance to get down that way. There really isn’t any convenient parking down there for residents who live nearby but not close enough to walk.

  2. Interesting. Your post indicates they are open until 6p on Sundays, which is also what I thought they told me when I was in there getting a pizza last week. However, when I went by last Sunday around 5:30p the place was closed –all the lights off, no one in sight — so they had been closed for awhile.

  3. The Uptown Deli opened today (2/17) in the One NoMa Station building (131 M Street NE). They will be open from 6:00 am – 4:00 pm on weekdays, serving breakfast and lunch, including sandwiches, and a hot food bar, as well as coffee drinks. You enter the Cafe from M Street, just to the west of the main lobby entrance to the building. As someone else noted, there is also a convenience shop in the building, The Station Stop, which has dry clearning service. This shop is entered from the main lobby of One NoMa Station, but before you have to go through security.

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