Eckington Hotel

The Courtyard by Marriott (aka, the “Eckington Hotel”) across from the ATF building, at Florida Avenue and 2nd St NE, is slated to open this April. It appears that it will referred as the “U.S. Capitol” location:

Courtyard Washington, DC/U.S. Capitol

This is a chain for business travelers and will feature hotel rooms with couches and large desks.  For a sampling of the rates, a weekend stay in July–without any discounts–ranges from $109 (King with sofabed) to $139 (King/2 room suite) a night.

Also, this hotel opening adds a couple of more eating spots to our ever-growing list:  Au Bon Pain (European-style sandwich cafe chain also serving pastries) and their own restaurant, the Courtyard Bistro (breakfast, dinner, and COCKTAILS).

Does this count as our first bar?  Possibly a nice spot for Eckingtonians to meet up after coming home from work on the Metro. We will have to see.

Here is the photo tour.

1325 2nd Street NE
DC 20002


9 thoughts on “Eckington Hotel

    • No idea what the Courtyard Bistro is, but I would assume it is NOT a deli–especially since they will be serving up a lot of room service dinners to their business travelers.

  1. I agree, i’m far more looking forward to the Deli & Pizza place across the street plus it will be nice to have that block of 2nd St NE be more than a construction zone.

  2. from the photo tour on the site it looks like a deli. well.. not a “deli” like i grew up with, but like an airport deli.
    not that i dont think its cool somethings going on, cuz i do. but i’m hoping it’ll be something worth a second visit.

  3. I’m looking forward to having something closeby. It still isn’t walking distance for me since I live on V St and 4th but I guess I can’t be choosey.

  4. This is a welcome addition to the neighborhood. Now out of town friends and visitors will have a place to stay close by. Hopefully the sports bar will have some nice TVs and offer sports packages (NCAA Football and Basketball, Soccer, etc.). Marriot, please get me out of the comfort of my own home, or save me the trip to Hilton’s Grand Slam near Metro Center or Old Dominion at Convention Center. Not to be too choosy but a few brews on tap would be great!

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