Washington Post profile of Eckington – “An Urban Neighborhood on the Rise”

The Washington Post has a profile of Eckington on the front page of Section F in Saturday’s paper: “An Urban Neighborhood on the Rise“. A few excerpts:

Often lumped in with nearby communities such as Shaw and Brookland, Eckington is increasingly becoming a requested area in its own right, real estate agents say. But more often, it draws people who were attracted to other, better-known neighborhoods with easy Metro access — but found that they didn’t suit their budgets.

Iris Mitchell, left, and Vicki Gass take their dogs for a walk around the neighborhood, a routine they've enjoyed together for two years.


The streetcar line was shut down in the 1950s, and Eckington suffered the sort of decline that afflicted many urban neighborhoods in the ensuing decades.

But the whole neighborhood has transformed in the past five years, said Chip Lewis, an agent with Matthew Spicer Real Estate who has worked in the D.C. real estate business for more than 35 years. He sees interest in Eckington from a mix of young professionals, government workers, artists and young families who want to live in the city and avoid commuting an hour.


Conversations in Eckington turn as often to plumbing as politics, though, as new residents often find themselves orchestrating major upgrades of older plumbing and electrical systems while trying to hang on to attractive details such as the wood trim. Many residents take on the projects themselves, a common point of conversation among old-timers and newcomers alike.


I would like to thank the author, Mary Ellen Slayter, for selecting our neighborhood for such an article and for her efforts to build an accurate, short narrative of our home.


8 thoughts on “Washington Post profile of Eckington – “An Urban Neighborhood on the Rise”

  1. Hun? At the risk of being mugged or assaulted??? I guess if the shopping in Columbia Heights is that great, then who cares about the higher crime rate. (I guess that is your point.)

  2. I like Eckington but it has it’s fair share of crime as well. I was threatened with a brick because I wouldn’t give someone a smoke. I also had a friend who was mugged on their way to my home. Eckington isn’t exactly a bastion of safety and there isn’t anything to do here.

  3. Are there ever any homes for sale on R Street? That’s the only street I think I could live on in Eckington. It’s the prettiest street and the rest leave a lot for the imagination. Also, are there any other streets that are similar to R?

    • In the 2+ years we have been here, there have been few that have been openly for sale. The unit block of Quincy Pl NE is one of my favorites and the unit block of Q St NE is getting better. The real bargains are up 3rd St NE and down the side streets that connect to it.

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