Metropolitan Branch Trail – Branding

The soon-to-be-constructed (est. Spring 2009) Metropolitan Branch Trail segment from Franklin St to the New York Ave/Florida Ave Metro Station has been deemed the “Eckington segment.”

As part of the “Metropolitan Branch Trail Draft Identity Proposal”, this is explained as a means of breaking the trail down into segments and establishing zones–for improved way finding and encouraging community ownership.  As such, there will be  sub-logo icons that identify each zone, hopefully visualizing reference landmarks and the topography of the trail (note: click on image to view proposed logos).

This is a great idea that helps both the branding of the Trail AS WELL AS the branding of the neighborhoods.  Currently, the proposed Eckington logo is fairly similar to the logo for the NoMa section logo.  As this is still in the proposal stage, there is room for modification–perhaps keeping the Capitol in the image (which highlights our proximity to one of the central landmarks of our country), but maybe adding the tower from McKinley, for example–i.e. the view of Eckington from north of T Street.

There will also be artwork along various hard infrastructure of the trail, such as the retaining wall in our neighborhood, north of New York Ave (click image below).

View the entire Identity Proposal at the MBT website and leave feedback or suggestions–whether it is just a simple thanks for the work or detailed ideas.  The team heading up the MBT at DDOT is very energized and are strongly engouraging neighborhoods to get involved as well.

I will say it again, and again, and again:  the implementation of this Trail will be one of the single largest contributors to the changing face of our neighborhood.  For more information on the Trail, view previous posts regarding the MBT – click here.


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