Pollo a la brasa in the neighborhood

Luciana Café is now open at the northwest corner of P St and North Capitol St. I met the owner, Frank, today and assured him I would return tonight for dinner. I must say, if ILuciana Cafe could choose only one restaurant for my neighborhood, a rotisserie chicken establishment would be probably take the top nod. (And, as it turns out, this is our only restaurant.) Trips to Mount Pleasant or Northern Virgina (for my chicken fix) can get mightily tiresome.

Do not let the term, rotisserie, disappoint you. Often, people think of the overly-basted, overly-seasoned, deathly-salted, day-old, plastic-enclosed chickens found at any grocery store in America. While the terms, “pollo a la brasa” or “spit-roasted,” used by our favorite Latin establishments have a certain flair, these are just different names for, you guessed it, rotisserie chicken. (Frank, who is from El Salvador, showed me the chickens–they were rotating just nicely over charcoal.)

Menu will be changing (e.g. desserts are on the way), but note that you get 2 sides with a whole chicken.

Luciana Cafe Menu

Luciana Cafe Menu 2
(click images to enlarge)

Currently, they are open from 11:00 – 10pm Monday – Friday, and until 9pm on Saturday and Sunday. Cash only.

Phone number: 202-234-7040. Directions: map.


Update:  We opted for a whole chicken with fried yuca and mixed vegetables (total price with tax: $10.85 – and we even have leftovers).  Good portion sizes for the sides (which is not the case for most Latin pollo a la brasa restaurants) and you get the typical green and white sauces.  Very, very good!  We will be regulars.


10 thoughts on “Pollo a la brasa in the neighborhood

  1. Thanks for the review. I don’t eat meat but hubby loves this stuff and I love fried yuca so it’s definitely on our list to try out. I wish it were a sit-down restaurant but as hubby points out, we’ve never actually sat down to eat at a pollo a la brasa place.

  2. Another chicken joint??? There is a Popeyes on Rhode Island and KFC on Florida… Can’t we get something that doesn’t involve chicken? Wow, I guess North Cap should get legal designation as the chicken cultural center. I can’t stand living here any longer… We need more variety and restaurants that are willing to take a credit card for payment. I will not be going here.

  3. As is the normal concern in the hood echoed by others; wish it were a sit down place. But that said, I will try it. Hopefully it will be a good start for them, and for the neighborhood.

  4. I don’t know. I want to check it out and support a local business… but that part of North Cap is scary and desolate except for the drug dealers and Sursum Corda thugs that hang out there…

    I guess I’ll check it out on Friday and buy a chicken with some sides. I just hope it isn’t a dirty place. That whole stretch is kind of nasty and in major need of improvement.

    If an investor is listening, PLEASE OPEN some more restaruants that are clean and that deliver. I would love a sit down place but since the area so crappy I would much rather just pick up and eat at home or have it delivered. That’s just the way it is. There is no reason for me to linger in that area.

  5. well I guess that part of N. Cap will remain as you say, ‘desolate with the exception of drug dealers’ (totally false by the way) as long as you avoid it. So not as scary as you think, it’s just a busy intersection. Get over it.

  6. It will remain that way as long as Sursum Corda is still there. I can’t wait for Northwest One to rid that area of the section eight pimps. They are a waste of public money and do not provide anything economically to the area. If they did, there would be lots of businesses lining up to open cafes, shops, and other stores on North Cap, but they don’t, and that’s becuase Sursum Corda has to go for any economic improvements to really happen and take shape.

  7. Can anyone recommend this place? I drove by it the other evening and I thought I saw glass separating the business from the customer, is this true? That really sucks if that’s the way it is. I really don’t frequent places that place a physical barrier between me and the staff. There’s something creepy and disgusting about those kinds of situations.

  8. The glass is still there (in case it needs to be closed), but Frank keeps it open about 7 feet wide. He wants to remove it completely, and maybe this will happen when indoor seating is added and customer traffic becomes steady.

    Our meal was very good–go try it, introduce yourself to this small business owner within our neighborhood, and help the transition to a sit-down facility progress.

  9. No wonder we have no retail, neighbors wont even walk into the retail that we do have.

    There is nothing “scary” about that corner and unfortunately, the businesses in this area STILL NEED BULLETPROOF GLASS to protect themselves, armed holdups still happen with frequency.

    IMHO, a person would be insane to run a cash business without the bulletproof glass in this area, even the gas station has it, for dogs sake.

    This is NOT Adams Morgan or U Street….maybe will never be…….


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