“Eckington Park” laps

For those Eckingtonians, as well as other venturers, seeking a nearby location to run laps on softer surface, or an enclosed area to exercise Fido during a run or walk, our humble “Eckington Park” should fit the bill.

Yes, this is technically the vacant Capital Commerce Center lot. And one may need to check one’s shoes for dog poo afterwards (more on this in a bit). But this is a fully-fenced grass lot that is usually empty, with the occasional gatherings of very friendly dogs and their owners during the mornings before and evenings after work.

The normal loop is 0.3 mile, while the larger loop is 1/3 mile. The surface is grass–mostly compacted–and there are divots along the northern edges, so use your trail-running stride and wear your Nike Free shoes for a great calve and ankle-strengthening workout.

Read full descriptions and directions to park on the Running Routes page.


On the issue of dog poo, the amounts along the running route are slim-to-none, but they are rampant throughout the interior. Apply the ‘broken theory” to this, and it is easy to understand why it has gotten worse over the past several months–“why pick up my dog’s business when the area is littered with that of other dogs?” However, if all of us who use the park simply pick up an extra lump each time we visit (after all, if you’re grabbing your own dog’s poo, is it any more dirty to pick up an unknown poop?), we may be able to turn the tide and stop this rapidly increasing mess.


One thought on ““Eckington Park” laps

  1. Is this ever going to happen? It just seems so easy and simple, and the easiest way to improve the NE neighborhoods that surround it. I wish they would build this now. It would be such a great amenity and selling point for Eckington. Of course, the District government needs to get rid of the transient population that lives underneath NY Ave to make the trail attractive to tax paying citizens.

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