XM-Sirius Radio Merger May Live

Sentiment has shifted on Wall Street and the market (as demonstrated by both stocks’ recent recovery) appears to be giving the proposed merger around a 60% chance of success.  (Story link)

Good news for stock purchasers and, maybe, customers, but a loss of a pioneer in the ‘hood (see article) is certainly not welcome news to Eckington.

Folks with EC-12 claim the merger would have no impact on its plans.  (“plans”?)


3 thoughts on “XM-Sirius Radio Merger May Live

  1. Now hold on just a second there. Where does it say that XM (or Sirius if merger is approved) will move from that space?

    It has a number of strategic advantages.

    1. It is existing built-out studio space.

    2. It can use its proximity to DC and all the pundits to tap into the insatiable demand for punditry discussion of guns, god, and abortion. America never tires of it, and that is why CNN has a studio and office in DC (in NoMa, actually), Fox News is HQ’d here, and NBC, ABC, and CBS all have DC office and studio space.

    3. The brick was just nicely repointed, and it looked like an expensive and good job, based on the number of laborers there. They have also acquired adjacent space and built it out in the last few years.

    I think the satellite biz will stay right where it is at Florida and Eckington Place NE, for the foreseeable future.

  2. I think you’re experiencing cognitive dissonance: as a shareholder, you want to find reasons to believe that a successful merger is good for your pocket and you ‘hood….

  3. I believe the Eckington building will remain. It is fully paid for (from what I know) and has a lot of diverse space. It is true that studios are interchangeable, but as a primary center for broadcast operations, it is a complex structure. If it were one channel things might be different.

    As someone with a vested interested and inside look, I hope the leaders of the company get their act together and put the content in a possition to make money. For such an “innovative” company, XM is being lapped by the entertainment/tech industry.

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