Big Bear serves food?

Someday, will take one to a neat, yet simple, little website with stories, history of the great work Stu and Lana et al put into the cafe, and, most important, a menu with descriptions that make your mouth water and stomach growl. Many still do not know what the BBC serves, in terms of food (important, since this is our ONLY sit-down restaurant).   Until then, we must rely on word-of-mouth and reviews such that of the Wash Post:

Pastries are delivered daily, and salads and hot and cold sandwiches are made to order with fresh ingredients, many from the Sunday farmers market that in season sets up shop right outside. Josie’s Salad ($6) is a generous portion of field greens, chopped chicken breast, feta and cucumber that manages to be healthful and satisfying. So does the buttery smoked salmon sandwich with cucumber and cream cheese on a fresh baguette ($7). Even better were the grilled panini. The most popular are the turkey, apple and gooey brie ($6) and the old-fashioned grilled cheese ($4.50), which tastes just like Mom’s — maybe better.

“Big Bear Cafe in (West Eckington)”

Someone in our ‘hood surely could help ’em out.


8 thoughts on “Big Bear serves food?

  1. and the post article says bloomingdale. methinks someone is just trying to get a rise out of us bloomingdalians. point noted. the shelling of eckington will commence at dawn.

  2. I admire your persistence on claiming the Big Bear Cafe for our mother neighborhood, Eckington . For that, Flatty, I shall stand next to you as we are shelled, proudly holding our Eckington banner high.

    One hopes that our valiant sacrifice will inspire the other troops to come out of their rowhomes, condos, and cinderblock structures of modern hell, and overtake the disputed territory; stick our flag in it, and claim the brick sidewalks, nice new speed humps, and flagship cafe, and most importantly, the brand name of the Farmer’s Market (EFM).

    Because NE Eckington enjoys none of those benefits of connections to city gov’t. coffers (specifically, the humps and bricks).

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