Eckington listserv and Bloomingdale Newsletter RSS feeds

Awhile back, I created a Yahoo Pipe to capture a single feed that retrieved new posts from Eckington & Bloomingdale blogs as well as posts from other blogs whenever they referenced our area.  Hopefully, many of you have added the RSS feed to their chosen reader or email account (and, as always, I welcome any edits or suggestions to the Yahoo pipe).

I now have added Yahoo pipes for the Eckington Listserv and the Bloomingdale Newletter.  You can find them on the left-hand side of this blog.  Some of the posts (especially the lengthy Bloomingdale Newsletter) are truncated in the feed, so this is not meant as a substitution for the two invaluable information services.

As for the original pipe of Eckington-Bloomingdale blogging, click any of the icons below to preview or add it to your RSS reader:

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2 thoughts on “Eckington listserv and Bloomingdale Newsletter RSS feeds

  1. As a member of Eckington’s yahoogroup, I feel much less comfortable posting on the listserv knowing that it will be fed to a public website. The yahoogroup is a moderated, membership only group for the community share concerns. Feeding the discussion to a public website changes the audience dramatically and allows anyone to access comments. I fail to see the community benefit.

  2. I understand your concern. The RSS feed limits to only the most recent postings, therefore, a public archive is not too likely.

    As for the issue of non-members reading the discussion, this is a valid point, and I will listen to people’s concerns.

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