Indigo condos on Lincoln Rd

The Indigo, on Lincoln Rd NE, is nearing completion and will have an open house Sunday, October 14. A few details:

2 bedrooms from $339,000-$359,000
3 bedrooms from $369,000-$379,000
Phase I to be completed late 2007 (24 units). Phase II to be completed spring 2008 (6 units)

It is a pity to hear this development will be “gated.” Ignoring the societal issues of such barriers (especially the use of them in low-income and public housing communities—extra reading here), these gates may provide some protection from low-level types of crime for the owners, but certainly do nothing to improve the conditions around the area.

Is it possible for the Eckington Civic Association or our ANC commissioner to discuss the fence plan with the developers? If they are determined to include it, could some language be included in the condo agreement that allows for the removal of the fence after a set number of years (dependent on the improving of certain objective crime statistics)?

Aesthetically, if you include the bland facade, what is to distinguish this gated development from the public housing it is replacing?

Indigo website

Typical developer website—lots of Flash content. Floorplans, amenities, contact information. Something is missing, though….

…oh yeah, exterior photos.


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