Big Bear and the Broken Window Theory

Evidently there was either a robbery or simpless vandalism at the Big Bear Cafe. One of the doors on R Street was almost completely smashed.

Although a quick repair solution is obviously required, the standard approach, plywood patch would present a negative face on our neighborhood and could bring down the enthusiasm we have all witnessed among residents about the upward trajectory of our neighborhood.

5 a.m., and I do see some plywood—but also see what appears to be an artistic paint job covering the entire boarding.

This is how one applies the advice driven by the “Broken Window Theory.”

Neighbors can respond, in turn, by not bemoaning the fact that the BBC (i.e. “we”) was hit, but by either shaking off the blow to the chin and keep up that optimism that will bring more investors like Stu and Lana.

And maybe this week is a good time for those of us who flocked to the Big Bear in the opening weeks, but have allowed our hectic lives or the summer heat to dampen our trips to the cafe, to return with our presence (and, I am sure they would appreciate, our business).

Perhaps a “Broken Window Bagel” or even “Broken Window Week” with various specials would be a good way to keep the spirits up by poking fun at our ‘hood.

Update: Commisioner “I’m-confident-enough-of-my-manhood-to-use-emoticons” Stu offered this clarification on the listserv:

We thought we needed more cross ventilation since fall is coming…;)


2 thoughts on “Big Bear and the Broken Window Theory

  1. doesn’t it seem terrible that this was almost expected? that there were jokes early on about how windows cafe could rest easy because they’d only be held up half as much with big bear giving the crooks a new target in the neighborhood? well, i will continue to support BBC, and i know the rest of the neighborhood will too. don’t let the bastards get you down!

  2. Lana was pretty upset at the guy when he tried to rob the place. You should have seen how she threw him through the glass door… Pretty funny.

    She is feisty.

    He might have even been the person who stole those two bushes from the herb garden…

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