Pig Roast at the Farmers’ Market and Big Bear

Word is that the Big Bear‘s Lana and Stu are working with our new farmers’ market folks to hold a free pig roast on September 9th . The free-range (i.e. “happy”) pig and bread are being provided by regular market vendors, the Truck Patch and the Bread Line.

Here’s an idea I hope they consider (and for any of you regular BBC patrons to pass along) : roasting the pig on-site (either at the mini-Cooper’s parking spot or, with permission from the city, at the small triangle park across the street).

I may be exposing my southern (aka “redneck”) roots, but at least half the fun of a good pig roast is the preparation and cooking itself—5-10 “cooks” sitting around their concrete-block castle drinking cheap beer from 3am til lunchtime. While the beer might not work for this roast, the free advertising and momentum buildup of a fire pit and friendly faces would still make the on-site idea worth exploring.

$48 worth of concrete blocks, some aluminum foil, 20lbs of charcoal, and some chain link fence (plenty of that in the neighborhood).

And a bunch of lawn chairs for the “cooks” and guests.


6 thoughts on “Pig Roast at the Farmers’ Market and Big Bear

  1. But I bet Utz doesn’t use free-range piggies for its snacks.

    If I were a pig, I would rather live knowing that I was going to be the centerpiece of a party rather than spread out over hundreds of snack packs.

  2. Decades ago, I had spit-roasted pig. I thought it was good at the time. Now, I wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole. (pun intended). Interesting how people as individuals tend to change and evolve in many ways, except for culturally-reinforced dietary habits.

    Dead flesh is dead flesh, no matter where it once lived. Of course, there is something to be said for dead flesh that didn’t feed on steroids and chemicals when it was alive.

    To each, their own!

  3. I know nothing about Truck Patch Farm. But you can’t equate “Farmers Market” or “Free Range” with chemical free products.

    Only Organic farms are chemical free.

  4. Truck Patch is sustainable. They has been transitioning towards Organic over the past few years. They are seriously thinking of becoming certified in the future. I have visited them 3 times and I am very impressed with how they raise their pigs.

    Bloomingdale Farmers Market,

  5. BTW, the concert and barbecue will take place on Sunday September 9th. Les Petits Chanteur will give a concert at noon followed by a Jam session of Haitian Tombou Drummers. 60 haitian singers and musicians.


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