Harry Thomas, Jr has seen development…and doesn’t like it

“For so long, we had the luxury of being the majority population…There wasn’t a need for it, but that’s changing. I look at U Street. How much it has changed. H Street. These were primarily African American communities. Development is pushing African Americans out of this city.”

Hopefully, our new council member Harry Thomas, Jr. can stop development in our community. We certainly don’t want North Capitol Street to end up like U Street (the banners along R St NW are enough). And I will head the effort to lie down on the street in protest if they even try to institute a streetcar line like H Street. Mr. Thomas realizes that his constituents, of all colors, prefer rows of liquor stores, vacant buildings, mini-markets, hair salons, and multi-cuisine carry-outs.

I sense that this is simply a political ploy used to shore up support from a large segment of voters in an area where “development is pushing African Americans out.”

But, if not, his constituents have a right to know details of his proposed legislative agenda that is so one-sided to require the formation of a race-based organization.

Heck, even Marion Barry had no comment on the proposal.

D.C. Official Proposes Black Caucus



3 thoughts on “Harry Thomas, Jr has seen development…and doesn’t like it

  1. Even this statement is offensive: “There are only six of us. I need some vanilla in that chocolate.”

    Change happens. Get used to it, “Tommy” Thomas.

  2. yeah, the whole thing is stupid. councilman thomas, spend some time worrying about the real issues we have in this city, not whether you feel comfortable with not being able to look around the dais and seeing the right color faces there. the fact is, race doesn’t matter in our leaders, competence does.

  3. Harry Thomas is ignorant and a bully. He does nothing for Libraries or Parks. He should spend some time reading, listening to NPR or maybe talking to the Directors of his two agencies who happen to be smart women.

    He is corrupted and a patronizer like Marion.

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