Fireworks legislation – neighborhood tensions be gone!

According to a press release, Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham introduced legislation yesterday to ban the sale of fireworks in the district and require a permit for pro_fireworksthe display of fireworks. There is no bill text and few details. However, the press release does reference “a similar bill in 2004 with then Councilmember Adrian Fenty (D-Ward Four).” That legislation (“Fireworks Neighborhood Safety Act of 2004”), also proposed in the week following July 4th, would have banned pretty much all fireworks, including sparklers.

Evidently, the bill went nowhere. Whether these two bills represent wholehearted attempts to change laws or little more than dressed-up press releases to soothe concerns of their “new timers” is probably debatable. Regardless, is firework debris a significant contributor to our litter problem (“Broken Window Theory“)? As for residents being the physical targets of projectiles, do we believe disarming bottle-rockets from young boys will solve the underlying causes of such aggression?

In terms of neighborhood “growth”, perhaps one could lean in the direction as suggested by a fellow area blogger (“are you doing your part for your neighborhood“). If a more aggressive approach is desired, the best advice may be to pick and choose one’s battles.


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