NoMa (the “South Beach” of D.C.)

IbizaAlthough still undergoing its $6 million construction, the new Ibiza nightclub/restaurant had its grand opening last week. If you have walked down First Street NE in the past few months, you have probably noticed the former warehouse being clad with black marble and, more recently, the aquarium just inside the glass doors.

This excerpt may not elicit much excitement from neighborhood residents:

With its laundry list of amenities, Ibiza certainly stands to attract a little A-list attention for what most folks consider a B-list clubbing town; upon completion, the venue is slated to feature a full-service restaurant and Starbucks coffee bar, a Japanese-inspired room with a waterfall, a rooftop terrace with moss-covered wall, a 2,000-person main room with a rare $1 million Martin sound system, seven bars, 30 flat-screen plasma TVs, $500,000 worth of lighting and media technologies, performances from world renowned DJs and bands, and some sort of identification system that sounds an awful lot like what Las Vegas casinos use.

Personally, I am more interested in the restaurant (though I am sure my wife, after the baby, will get the urge to hit the club with her friends). No description of their food in the news articles and no menu on their website, yet.

Regardless of whether or not this is your cup of tea, what this 3,000 person capacity nightclub will do, if successful, is create more foot traffic from the New York Ave – Florida Ave Metro station.

“Fresh Paint, Fresh Hope” – Washington Times



3 thoughts on “NoMa (the “South Beach” of D.C.)

  1. Maybe those were the plans, but the club is not even near what was advertised.
    The good old “Nation” was way better than this thing.
    The place definitely does NOT live up to its name. The spanish island of Ibiza, is a paradise, clubs there are exquisite, not this thing with bathroom tiles as a facade, and bare galvanized iron tubes everywhere.
    Sadly, DC continues to be a list B or C place for clubbing, fashion, etc…

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