“Best & Worst” for ’07 (Eckington)

Excluded from the print edition of Washingtonian‘s annual “Best & Worst” edition, are the results for the subcategory, Eckington (and its “Taiwan” to the west):

Best Gathering Place

  1. Big Bear Cafe
  2. corner of street
  3. alley

Big Bear Cafe nudged out the competition with its late entry. However, we may get complaints and legal threats from “corner” and “alley” since, technically, all entrants were supposed to be in by May 31.

Best Bar

  1. Bloomingdale Liquor
  2. Super Liquors Incorporated
  3. corner of Florida & North Capitol

When it comes to bars, sometimes you have to rely on the “3 L’s” (Location, Liquor, Loitering), and all of our top 3 have them. The nod has to go to Bloomingdale for staying close to home and not selling out to the corporate world as Super Liquors Inc. has done.

Best sit-down restaurant

  1. n/a

Once again, we did not have the required minimum number of entrants (1) for the ranking. Better luck next year.

Worst place to hail a cab

  1. outside
  2. over the phone
  3. Florida Ave

You are simply never going to catch a cabdriver in the neighborhood. You may have some luck on the phone convincing a service to schedule a pickup at your home. But your best bet is waiting on Florida Ave and trying to glob onto some Capital Hill resident’s cab ride to the bars in Adams Morgan.

Worst way to describe where you live to non-Eckingtonians

  1. “Eckington”
  2. “XM Building”
  3. “You know, the grid system does keep going through the alphabet”

Answers 1 – 3 are basically the order in which us Eckingtonians tell people where we live. (Note: sometimes these are not enough–many residents of Capital Hill and NoVa cannot understand/visualize the grid past a certain point. It’s as if you are Columbus, trying to conceptualize a spherical earth to an audience of blank stares.)

Worst Blog

  1. eckington (way better than spotsylvania)
  2. Big Bear Cafe
  3. Bloomingdale (for now)

“Bloomingdale (for now)” makes the list due to its noncommittal title and page background that leaves one seeing tracers for minutes. “Big Bear Cafe Blog” makes #2 on our list for its horrendous forecasting ability as well as adorning its site with an image of a self-abusing omnivorous mammal. This blog easily beat the competition with its ironic combination of writing style that tries to sound intelligent, but is usually mired with grammatical and logical errors.


3 thoughts on ““Best & Worst” for ’07 (Eckington)

  1. Again I say: “Ingeniously contrived”.

    Enough already with your naming issues. Do something other than blog about your disbelief in the boundaries for the Bloomingdale neighborhood.

  2. What is a newbie like me to believe? The “official” document in the Eckington Yahoo Group files, or the article in the easily manipulated Wikipedia?
    You just wait–when we finally get our Metropolitan Branch Trail, everyone in Blomingdale-South will want to come back home (where the sidewalks are good ol’ concrete).
    But, since you are one of my ombudsmen, I will refrain from the name game for now.

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