Farmers Market

Most Sundays see my wife and I driving or walking to Eastern Market and camping out at Lincoln Park for a few hours. Last Sunday, following our visits to the cafe and market, we decided to try the small triangle park across from the Big Bear. Triangle Park

I walked home to drop off our bag of strawberries and cherries (which were devoured in 2 days), and came back with my backpack: blanket, water, books, dog bowl and toys. There is plenty of shade in the park and here’s hope that others take advantage of the scene.

I have seen comments that the market experience was fairly “white” in terms of its visitors. That is a fairly accurate observation, as well as a valid criticism that may need to be addressed a some point.

In defense of the organizers, patrons of Eastern Market (you know, that bastion of neighborhood diversity on the Hill that will be receiving $30 million from us residents) do not exactly represent a slice of multi-cultural Americana. Moreover, starting a farmers market from scratch is going to be small and subject to the availability of its producers.

So, when you’re limited to a few hours, right dab in the middle of church services and after-church supper (as a Southerner, I partook in this routine every Sunday until I left for college), you are going to be void of a large segment of the black community. All that’s left is us white liberal heathens I guess….


2 thoughts on “Farmers Market

  1. The sentence, “Maybe when Summer is over there will be more of us” is simply marvelous. (Though I never meant to suggest Big Bear was too white–I have not heard that before, and I have only been there a couple of times.)
    The strawberries are great, but the cherries (both kinds)–this coming from someone who never eats cherries–are not to be missed.

  2. Oh we showed up around noon. The Noon-2pm hours should catch the post church crowd that want to part take in the market. But it will appeal to a segment of the local populace. My neighbor B. (white/Jewish) not really big on farmer’s markets, he finds them overpriced. Stands to reason some AfAm residents may feel the same way.
    I on the other hand value locally produced fruit and veggies (as well as dirt cheap veggies shipped in from Bora Bora) and am willing to pay the price for a strawberry that is naturally sweet, and shocker of shockers, tastes like a strawberry. Not everyone is willing to pay that premium.
    As far as Big Bear being white, I guess that is up to the observer. I’m Black and the odd times I’ve been at the Bear, I’m not the only person of color when I walk into the room. Maybe others have a higher standard of counting diversity at a higher percentage or count, but having two of us in the room is good enough for me, particularly when you can count the whole on two hands. The AfAm market for the Bear would be Howard students south of RI Ave (and it’s Summer), retirees (some who I definitely know are summering somewhere else), work @ home/ self-employed business types, and other middle class professionals who have to be somewhere else for 8-12 hours a day. Maybe when Summer is over there will be more of us.

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