“Cluster 21 (way better than Cluster 5)”

When did this issue of neighborhood boundaries come into existence? Is is simply because certain civic associations decided to “adopt” boundaries of their own discretion?

My trusty laminated Rand McNally map of D.C. has Eckington to the south of Rhode Island and Bloomingdale to the north.  Moreover, the city recognizes the area bounded by Florida Ave., New York, 4th St. NW, 4th St. NE as “Bloomingdale and Eckington: Target Area #7” for their Neighborhood Investment Fund (Bloomingdale-Eckington Target Area).

However, Bloomingdale’s Wikipedia entry and neighborhood website choose 2nd St. NW as their west boundary, Bryant & Channing Streets as their north boundary, and North Capitol St as their east boundary (see map below).

Edgewood’s Wikipedia entry chooses Lincoln Rd (see map) as their west boundary.

So, the pocket of North Capitol-Franklin-Lincoln-Rhode Island has no neighborhood to call home? Is it just a “territory” of Ward 5, just waiting for their day in the sun when they are granted neighborhood status by one of the civic associations?

Should we all just avoid confusing our nonresidents and angering our own inhabitants by simply telling people we live in “Cluster 21“? Now there’s a brand sure to attract outside interest. (I better go snatch up http://www.cluster21.com before someone does.)


5 thoughts on ““Cluster 21 (way better than Cluster 5)”

  1. you’re right, why do we call it “virginia”, “maryland”, and “dc”. they’re all just arbitrary boundaries written on a map anyway, and we all know cartographers are are pretty much the worst people in the world, so let’s just call it all “midatlantica” and leave it at that. it’s a brilliant and elegant solution, and i will copyright it here and now. http://www.midatlantica.com, here i come!

    seriously though, trusting wikipedia as a primary source for anything is dangerous, dangerous work. anyone can say anything they want there. sure, it’s a good place to start researching a topic, as it can help you find other sources quickly, but a lot of what’s typed there can be just made up.

    and most of that area you mention that you claim has no name? most of it is a cemetery anyway, and i doubt the bodies therein care much what the name of the place is where they’re interred.

  2. D.C., Virginia and Maryland are all legal entities with universally recognized boundaries, governing constitutions, and elected officials. Though, those “NoVa” folks probably wouldn’t mind separating their state for a third time (first, it was over slaves, now, I guess, it’s over “rednecks”).
    Anyways, the whole issue of branding may sort out itself. As the “NoMa” Business Improvement District develops, people may start referring to the residential area north of the BID as “NoMa” as well–which completely fine with me.

  3. well, jay, i disagree with you wholeheartedly. i don’t want to see eckington overrun by some made-up, focus-groupthink tested, appellation that exists solely to make a place sound “hip” to DINKs and yuppies. eckington (and bloomingdale) have established names, established characters, and established boundaries (whether this blog will accept that or not is immaterial). the character of those areas will continue to evolve, and even boundaries and names evolve. but i’m no advocate of tossing what is there aside whole-hog. a gradual, natural evolution is much better.

  4. June 22nd: “Heck, call our whole area Bloomingdale–I could care less what the name is.”

    (The phrase you were looking for: “I couldn’t care less”)

    June 24th: “As the “NoMa” Business Improvement District develops, people may start referring to the residential area north of the BID as “NoMa” as well–which completely fine with me.”

    You (attempt to) claim that you don’t care about names, and then you present a product of your imagination regarding a future name for Eckington. This is a contradiction, because you clearly do care.

    Why not “NoNY”? or “NoFla” or “NoFlo”? Those names are ridiculous, but given the proximity of those avenues to your home in Eckington, they are much less ridiculous than “NoMA”, which you’ve apparently set your heart upon.

    Good luck with all that!

  5. If the area becomes “NoMa,” it will not be from my urging. Doesn’t roll off the tongue too well, in my opinion, but if we don’t have any other name by which to go, then we cannot expect Capital Hill, Northwesters, NoVa’rs to remember all of our individually-named communes.
    And I certainly do not want some contrived name as ridiculous-sounding as the new “Atlas District.”
    (All of this, of course, predicates on our area developing attractions to which outsiders will be willing to frequent.)
    (P.S. – I had to use http://www.urbandictionary.com to see what “DINK” meant, so I definitely have some learnin’ to do.)

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