Eckington: A runner’s mecca?

I started running a little over two years ago to help my wife train for a marathon. It became addicting–yes, I do experience the so-called “runner’s high,” but the more satisfying aspect to me is having the ability to go almost anywhere, with minimal gear.

For example, during our honeymoon in France we spent our last few days in the wine village of Châteauneuf-du-Pape. Being the early riser, and knowing our constrained time limitations, I decided to run to Orange the morning of our last day. After 7 miles of vineyard-lined road, I was in the city and soon standing atop a magnificent Roman theatre. I returned to meet my wife for breakfast and still had plenty of energy for the day.

Eckington may have a 1-mile or so radius of less-than-pristine running paths, but if you think of this as just an on-ramp to the rest of your run, then your options are quite rosy.  I intend to add many routes and will give details as to turns and water locations (as I am one who despises carrying water) so that all you will need are your shoes, key and a buck or two.

Most runs will start and finish at the Big Bear Cafe. I am in no way affiliated with BBC, and I never drink coffee or tea.  However, it looks to be a promising gathering spot for the community and may help with our neighborhood branding.  Perhaps, in the not-so-distant future, the “Eckington Striders” will meet there on Saturday mornings at 6 a.m. for our marathon training long-runs.

That is, when the prodigal son, Bloomingdale, returns home. 


4 thoughts on “Eckington: A runner’s mecca?

  1. welcome to the area, and welcome to the blogosphere. i don’t want to start things out with a pissing match or a turf battle, so i might as well just jump to the point. big bear is in bloomingdale. i love eckington, have nothing against eckington, and would buy a house in eckington if i could afford it, but i have to say, i am pretty hard-nosed when it comes to misrepresentation of neighborhoods. and eckington doesn’t cross north capitol. it’s a shame that we have a virtual freeway splitting us, but the fact is that we ARE split. again, welcome to the area!

  2. Blooomingdale/Eckington/LeDroit Park have a running club now. It is called the “Big Daddy Running Club”, and it has been in existence for many years.

  3. From the Bloomingdale Google Group:

    + Members of the Big Daddy Running Club were spotted at 2nd & Rhode Island Avenue NW this morning on their run back to the neighborhood. Curious about the Big Daddy Running Club? Contact the founder of the club, Darryl Fogan, at .

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