A new blog

The hardest thing about starting a new blog (for me at least–and this is my first), is writing that first post. After much deliberation, I have decided to pass on some enlightening glimpse into my intentions or executive summary of my life. Maybe I’ll edit this post (even though I am sure that goes against some blogger code of ethics) months from now and leave it to those who browse blog archives to stumble upon it.

I will just start by saying that the Greater Eckington Neighborhood (more on “GEN” later) has definitely not reached the saturation point of weblogs. No cybersquatter, hoping to extract hundreds of dollars from me, appeared when I registered the “eckington.wordpress.com” subdomain yesterday. It is somewhat like those first few small businesses, catering to resident-coveted niches, that open in a transitional area–even if their service or product proves quite pedestrian, the neighborhood will gush over its fledgling establishments…

…until someone better comes along (like the angry weblog enthusiasts who may hack my site until I abdicate the domain). That, however, is the true mark of progress for a transitional area.

But for now, it is a little lonely out here, and this certainly increased the pressure of selecting a name for the blog…..(and for those in Spotsylvania who are offended–you simply do not understand the quip).


3 thoughts on “A new blog

  1. Why don’t they understand the quip?

    It seems to me that you’re comparing what a similar price for a home will get you.

    You could either live far out with relative safety and cleanliness and orderliness and have a new construction home and reasonably good (or new) schools and lots of grocery store options and have a car-dependent lifestyle in Spotsylvania County.

    Or for that same housing dollar, you could take on a little more safety risk, grit, have an older house and the problems that come with it (new homes have problems too), have access to public schools that have suffered from years of disinvestment, fraud, waste, and lack of commitment, but have great commutes, not have to have a car-dependent lifestyle by living in an urban neighborhood where the price per square foot is not insultingly high.

    So, you are criticizing those who chose the former choice, right?

    • J.T. – Why are you reading the first post on this blog? Gonna reread the entire collection? Sounds like oodles of fun!

      Actually, the blog title is a tongue-in-cheek remark (hence, stating we are “way better” than a distant Washington exurb isn’t too much of a brag).

  2. I was just curious. My next door neighbor at work lives in Spotsylvania and takes the VRE in, and I sometimes think of his life vs. mine in Eckington when I am at your blog. I was curious today and decided to look at your origin information to see if you elaborated (like if you did a price per square foot comparison or anything).

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